Jet used with Polini 177cc kit

I have fitted a 177cc Polini kit on my PX125E and use the standard carb Dell’Orto 20/20D . What Main jet and air corrector jet do I need for the best carburation and performance ?

good call jc. as above but use a be3

I would use a 160 top part for the main jet assembly, a BE3 or BE4 mixer tube and a 118 main jet, this woud give you best performance all through the rev range.

bunny inlighten me, im runnin a pinasco 177kit on ma 125.ive wasted money buyin 24m carbs from both p2 and t5. with exactly your set up exept with a simonini and couldnt get the bas… thing set up at all.we r havin this exact topic on another site but the fellas r runnin dr 180 with standard carbs and usin from a 102 to a 104 main jet and they swear by this set up. what you think?am i too high on ma main?it runs fine but just cant get the rite plug color.if you drive it normal its black!if you scream it its wwhite!.surley u have to compensate big time with the main jet as u r using a smaller 20m carb and uping the cc to near a 200 if u no what i would be a different matter if u were using a 24m carb then the main wouldnt have to be so big? god i dont no.kits whod have em [:(]

tried a 110 main today. crap!wouldnt pull your dick in any gear at all.pinked its nuts off even with air screw out nearly 6 turns!!! plug white! replaced the 118, out 4 half turns perfect, pulls no probs no pinking well only the usual when backing of the throttle goin down an incline,so i dont no. one problem though. when warm and tickin over it is black smoke and not blue, which points to over rich, but plug is perfect choc brown after a chop from think ill just leave it alone now.maybe i just have one of those engines.[H]

stick with the 110 jet but wind the air screw in 3 turns out max otherwise your a bit lean.consider a gearup kit coz you can scream the living daylights out of this setup with a standard gearbox and explode the clutch,speaking from painful expensive experience

[[:O]] Wait a mo dudes he`s running a 20/20 carb not a 24/24 and what kind of exhaust has he got.

My mate runs a 160 top Be3 main and a 13 down to a 110 main jet when run in and hes using a polini exhaust.

I use a 160 top BE3 middle and 118 main jet but I`m on a T5 24 carb with a PM pipe dudes