J.L.Pipe has cracked & blown a big hole

I bought  a JL Right hander 4 moths ago and have travelled about 2000kms with it. The pipe has the best power & torque than any other pipe I have tried on my set up, it has beenn brilliant.

But....when riding home from a rally I had been on the road for about 25 minutes when I noticed it got louder and was down on power. I pulled into a rest area & discoverd the pipe has a hole about 35mm & cracks in it. I managed to patch the hole with a soup tin & some hose clamps to get me home.

I have contacted SIP about warranty & they asked to send some photos but I'm not sure if they are getting the pics via e-mail so I will try & post them here.

I have never heard of these pipe failing in this way, has anybody else?

P.S. I have never ridden off a kerb or anything that could have hit the pipe.

Piss poor batch of stainless is my guess, good luck with your claim mate.

Thats not very good mate.

Don't hold your breath though with JL warranty department.

Never even graced my 4 e-mails with a reply.

I reckon the stainless is probably the wrong sort.


 it looks like the weld was too hot for the thickness of material

manufactures fault. IMO


to be honest the build quality looks like shite


bet you wont get a stainless one again



did you go though a puddle of water, or did it start to rain it looks like "temp. shock" those cracks can appear on a very hot pipe that gets soaked with cold water, coupled with motor vibration at speed will result in these long cracks across the "first bend" the blow out is simply weak link in crack.. this is a result of poor stainless or thin stainless both of which should be covered under warrantied pipe. as both are materials and workmanship.

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