J Costa variator on GT 125 L,

If i install a ( Variator J.COSTA EVO 2 for PIAGGIO Leader 125cc 4-stroke AC/LC, 12 rollers, 8,5g) on my Vespa GTS, do I need to change something else? 

Please, I'm newbie in these things. ![](upload://qQUGvTLOA0KsOtx7jsBOpRYHm85.gif)



only install, drive and love it.....



you can do the other tuning modis too. but this needs weeks to adjust.


only install the costa and love it -easier






Hi, my experiences with j.costa on Vespa GT 125 L :

1. i took first a noname-belt fitting on GT 200, because sip gave this advice. The belt did not fit, it was too long. Then I mounted a belt (GT 125). After 500 km I opened the variator: everything was black, the belt was highly damaged.

2. Now I mounted the original Piaggo belt (GT 200) and it looks quite siutable. But I drove only 100 km until now. The rotation speed was very high an topspeed was abaout 10 km/h less than before, when I had the Malossi Variator.

3. I also changed tho weights to 9 gr. and the speed of rotation is al little less than before, acceleraton is still good, topspeed I did not test yet.

greetings from Kempten / Germany

Thx for your answer, but have one question.

One people said no, dont do it change only pulleys. maybe if i change rollers to DR pulley and change some sliders and maybe clutch springs. Its maybe better than change only one variator.


When i get a variator and maybe other of these stuff, i also have a 4 road exhaust and change that on my Vespa. If i change a all together are i need to change jet?



Do i  have to chage a torque spring if i change a variator?


and best regards from Latvia.