J Costa variator, any good for for Gilra Nexus 500cc?

Last summer i wanted to buy the J Costa variator for my 2006 Gilers Nexus 500, but then S.i.P. was out of stock for a long time, or so it seemed. If that was because of a high salesnumbers of these units, then where are all the byers hiding? Tell us, how is the J Costa variator on a Nexus 500 ??? I hope it's like rocket-fuel, cause I've just ordered one from S.i.P.!!! :D

hola a todos!! i've enjoyed this variator for about 20000 kms, and I only can have good feelings whith it! It needs to change rolls with 15000 kms and the belt last for this 15000 perfectly.... i want too test for it jaja

i bought one for my Fuoco same engine it has only been in for a couple of months and i have done about 500 miles it is a lot smother than original. I still have a few comparison tests to do before i know if it is better at top end. but if you want to know more you would be better checking out a different forum. 



Excellent link there David! I just hope i dont run into any of the problems mentioned there! Time will show!

Now my J.Costa variator is installed and I must say I'm very pleased with it. My original variator is the 6 roller version, and I must admit that the rollers probably has not ben changed during the 12 000 km it has run. I tested accelleration with the stock variator and I got a max rpm of 5000. With the new J.Costa I almost instantly got closer to 7000 rpm with a huge difference in accelleration and overal performance. I'm not that interessted in higher top speed, but I will test that later. The best feature of the J.Costa is the smoothnes. No more ratling noises when driving at low rpm's. Everything just feels smoother, and for me a lot quicker. 

I'll be back with more info as soon as I've tested it some more !!! :)