Its the smallframe again

Ok, those who kindly responded to me last post know the setup (polini 130 25mil, 16 degrees bla bla bla )

It appears me runnin problems are carb related as in the scoot runs great up to half throttle and then bogs down with anymore throttle (back off the throttle and it picks up again). Now I’m runnin a 90 main jet and after a phone call to SIP, the guy on the phone suggests me jets way too high. I’ve tried a 90,92 & 95 all with the same problem and I’ve moved the needle jet up and down a bit .

Could this setup really run as low as an 80 main jet as suggested?

Might sound a daft question but have you got that plastic toolbox sitting in the frame under the seat?

Had a similar problem with a mates smallframe, took the plastic toolbox out and ran alot better. Just gives the carb a better supply of air.


Ignore the different logon its still mikemuzzer ere.

Yeh carb sticks out the body, this is one of those tuning headaches. we’re talkin needles atomisers and clips versus main jets. Ive binned the simonini d&f and thrown the old banana exhaust on which made a considerable improvement. I think its just time to tweak now ???