It's finished!!

Hi all,
As promised a few pics of my finished scoot. It had been in numerous locations around Bangkok for the last nine months , having some major work done. ie. cutting out the middle section from the bottom of the steering column to the petrol tank well. As well as the back end from the the seat pivot down. Plus filling,smoothing and cutting the panels and seems. The head set is a Piaggio one and are fairly common in S.E Asia. At first I didn’t like it but it’s grown on me ( T5’s , Vespa 50 special did the same).

The really sad part is the completely standard 150cc engine. If anybody wants to donate a fully tuned Curare / Worb 5 please do not hesitate to contact me;D ;D

Cheers Grimesy

P.S. If anybody’s interested in the seat or the Q/A throttle let me know. Both are fairly cheap and effective.

I dont understand why you have fitted early side panels…???
Looks ok though.

Well done Grimsey,that’s a tidy job.[:smokin:]

Hi all,
Thanks alot a guys, you say the nicest things!

Regarding the side panels, the air intake was copied, The secrets out. I saw some photos of a beautiful two toned blue PX in the forum pics some months ago , it was German I think. Even though they bombed our chippy you’ve got to admire their creative ideas and eye for detail.

Why the early style side panel??
It’s not. My original plan was to have the seat ( SIP styled ) built on to the chassis ie welded and filled / smoothed etc. Two problems arose No 1. How would I take out the tank out if needed. and No2. How to secure the panels with a built in seat? No 2 was started on first, this is the Thai way. The idea was to use early styled fastening clips,so the panels had a tab welded on! The first problem ( the seat ) proved to be sooooo slow and problematic for my Vespa welder type person who normally only does standard re builds . The idea was dropped. I did tell him to grind off the tabs, but in his whisky induced wisdom he forgot and the next time I saw my scoot it had been sprayed! And after waiting for over 9 months I decided to let it go.

So there you have it. I could contnue writing on this subject forever , but I’ve got to go and teach 30+ 'orrible Thai kids fecking English.
Speak to you later.

I guess that Curare wanted to say an Abarth Panda!!;D ;D

Here’s another?

very good job Grimesy66!
Can you tel me more about the headset you are using?
…yes now you should make it a little more aggressive in the engine…if not it looks like a Porshe with a FIAT Panda engine…no thanks.

Austin Montego


Always liked yellow scoots…very nice.



Just loves the sidepanel intake!!!
Do you mind if I copy that intake???[:bounce:]
Never seen a headset like that, but then I have never been to S-E Asia. But it looks good.


Ouch!Ouch! .
That really hurt . A FIAT Panda!!!
The truth is you’re right. I’ll have to start saving, although I’m in the land of small motor cycles with lots of cheap carbs and bolt on goodies. I’m debating a Honda NSR 150 LC conversion . Dr Worb says it can be done with considerable work,but I don’t know if the time and effort involved would be more beneficial over a Polini kitted motor?
Any ideas?
The head set I believe was and is manufactured by Piaggio . Check out their website "Piaggio Vespa Exclusive"I’ve got one of the older earlier types the internal fittings are exactly the same as Italian ones. The newer
version has an EFL type speedo and column mounted ignition / steering lock. I’ve emailed them a couple of times regarding spare parts 'coz Indonesia is very cheap. but no replies!!

I’ve seen these styled head sets dropped and they do look good. I’ll take some photos next time.

Cheers Grimesy

God dam it! Did he really say a Fiat Panda???..Ouch that really hurts … I know he’s in hospital and he can’t ride at the moment ,but a Fiat Panda???..[:(] [:(] [:(] [?[]

really thank you JuanK for the pictures. Great choice both of you guys, I have never seen something more insignificant.
[:D] [:D] [:D]

Nearly there?

…montego diesel? I don’t know this one. ( SEAT ???)
Should be a really exotic piece of mechanic.
maybe the small Miura sister?

I’ve just posted more photos in „Forumpics“ . Take a gander!


Fair do’s mate…i suppose the catches are there if you ever change ya mind and it saves the work next time round…[:drink:]

LOL Fiat Panda is a bit harsh but my mate calls the T5 mk1 headset the Austin Montego of the vespa world! Mate I think youv’e done a top job but you do need the motor to match. Kit it up! Are there any Lambrettas out there? I know there’s loads in Vietnam.

I don’t know what happened but my previous message got lost exept an s. Strange…

OK I would like to know from you people how you would compare the standard engine. To which car? let’s make a survey.
For me it is a Panda (no Abarth, would be Panda Abarth with a DR kit with no other things).
But Panda engine are reliable, economical, and I love Panda, the old model shoe box body style. It is everything but not fast.

Now for the conversion:

I did my first conversion on 1984 using a 125 Hiro barrel.
In that time cross Aprilia were using this kind of engines.
After that I did it with Kawa, KTM, Cagiva, and this is what I can tell you:

The work on the cases is massive= a lot of money or time if you do it by yourself.
The cranckshaft depending on the conversion could not take it so if you want reliability you should borrow from bike world also a crankshaft and adapt it= a lot of work.
The clutch will give you endless problem so you should use custom made clutch= a lot of money
You have to use a custom made expansion = a lot of money.
The water circuit costs money.
I think that this kind of conversion are attention grabbing and a good window for the tuner but not if you often use your scooter.
And nothing better for showing off.

Then many parts are one of the kind so when you break it to replace it it is long and expensive.

If you are rich, god bless you and enjoy yourself, but if you want a scooter to drive often go for a more normal tuning job.

And another . There must be an easier way to post multiple photos?

Hi Grimesy66!!!

It looks perfect!!!;D ;D ;D ;D