Isle of Wight

Hi are any of you going to Isle of Wight this weekend?

Look for ScooterboyWorld SC t shirts, some of us will be around.


i hope to be there if i can get the t5 running ok


mind you only 10 miles for me ;D [:D]

look for the white t5 mk1 with driver and flip flop carrier and white pole postion seat

BRING IT ON [:smile:]


They’re will be a few SBW shirts on show at the V.C.S. Cannonball tomorrow too,Ade.[:smokin:]


Well6 TS1s and one 210 left and only 2TS!s made it back. Is this a record

Hmmm… not good numbers eh Diablo!

Love to konw what happened to them… can you give us a breakdown of the breakdowns … if you know what i mean?


Look for any one with a Speed Demons patch or t-shirt and ask for Al. Be nice to put a face to names

Have a good one all.[:dance1:]

He He sure,

  1. 210 reedvalve just been done by me. I made the mistake of thinking the customer would know if it was running weak (pinking etc.)- he didn’t ,it seized
  2. Shite indian stator on mates ts1 decides to go after sterling service of about 1 month
  3. another TS1 that the owner decided to ride whilst pinking its nuts off-holed piston
  4. Head gasket gone on another TS1
  5. part of my fan cowling fractured and broke away leaving a gaping hole for the air from the fan to escape from. This is not a good thing at 80+ on the motorway. TS1 number 4 bites the dust.
    Ah well we had a good rally and nobody crashed. Its all fixable and we’ll be ready for more crushing dissappointments in the near future! Still rather go fast some of the way than fall asleep on a std bike though!