is there a j.costa vario for the vespa 125cc 3v i.e? and a akrapovic exhaust?


I have a new vespa primavera with the new 125cc 3v i.e engine.

Is there a vario of J.COSTA for this engine?

And is there a special exhaust from akrapovic for this engine?

And is it a good idea to buy the Lambda Emulator ?


I ‘ll hope anyone can help me and get some answer now!!!!!


Hi Chris


Currently there´s no CVT for this engine on the market.


We have two different types of exhaust systems in our range: REMUS "RSC" ( part no REM43019B / REM43019C) and Turbo KIT "Gmax" (part no TKM4T127 / TKM4T127H2)

The exhaust from AKRAPOVIC (part no AKRAPO18 / AKRAPO19) will be available in July.


Best regards, Sebastian