Is Polini "No Smoke" exhaust good for touring performance?

I have a 2003 Derbi Atlantis AC (Piaggio 2T engine) and plan to install a Malossi 68cc kit. Would the Polini "No Smoke" exhaust be good with this cylinder kit for hills and acceleration (not racing) and not loud?

Also, what is the difference in S.I.P's part number P2000206 and P2000202 Polini exhausts? Description is the same, but price is different. Thanks.


I think what this has to do with the license (ABE / E-Pass) ... Should go well with Malossi 68ccm kit, but there are better, but then again louder ....
Gruß Lukas


take the "P2000206" as you were told it has to do withe the E-Pass (can be Legally used on road) anyway it should be better than the original exhaust ... with a little bit of tweeking with your Clutch springs

hope it helped