Is it the clutch?

Hi guys,

Got a 8 month old PX 125 which has been kitted with a 177 Pinasco, 24mm Dellorto and a Scorpion pipe for around 6months…and the thing has run brilliantly for 36 miles a day.

Stopped at the lights this morning and shifted into 1st, released clutch…nothing…no forward movement.

Over the last few days the gear shift has been a bit harder to shift into 3rd from 2nd…didn’t think too much of it at the time.

And, over the past few days, and this may be just my imagination, but, I’m sure I smelt something burning when I was stopped with the engine running…I just put it down to other factors such as traffic etc…so not sure if this has anything to do with this problem.

So, tonight, I pulled on the clutch cable…seems ok. Pulled on Gear cables ,they seem ok too.

Started bike and engaged 1st and tried to pull away, again, no movement, but I’m sure I detected a sound that seems unfamiliar, a sort of whining…not loud, but something there when I release the clutch and in gear.

Haven’t taken selector box off, so not sure if it’s a problem in there or whether the clutch has had it.

Any ideas?



If your not gettin a nasty noise from the engine its likely that the pin for the selector arm has worked loose. Its easy to fix if thats the case. Just remove the selector box and you should see the pin lying either inside the box or in the recess of the engine. If it was me i would replace the selector but if thats not an option clean the pin hole with thinners or brake cleaner and refit the pin with some bearing fit loctite.
If your unlucky its also possible to shear the rivits that secures the clutch basket to the inner boss. This is a pain as a new clutch is required-check the selector first!

nice one, thanks for that.