is it a femsa

Hello i`m on the trail of a vespa rally 200,a lad from work has it in his garage he said it is a 1972 rally,will this be electronic or points and what sort of market price am i looking at for tatty and price for restored (uk market)? this bike is supposed to have all its old history papers with it[:lickout:] [:lickout:] [:lickout:]


Yes it will be electronic, all the 200s were (only the 180s had points). 1972 was the first year of production (should be a K or maybe L rej.). If it was one of the original 1972 Rallys it will have the old script style badge on the legshields and „RALLY 200“ in uppercase accross the back (as opposed to the lower case on later Rallys). I think they only made 2000 or so of this first type so they are quite cool because they are a little different. I have one which I bought as a total basket case for £250 (rust and all). If the body is good it would be worth around £500-800 but to the right person may be worth more. Restored it would be worth around £1800. The Femsa electronic was not that great though and is very hard to get parts for these days but it can be converted to P200 if you change the crankshaft and the bearings.