Is DHL shipping to USA no longer available from S.I.P.?

I tried to order about $115.00 (1.2KG) worth of small frame parts and the site would only let me choose UPS shipping (minimum $90.+) and it doesnt make sense because i previously ordered $500.+ worth of small frame parts and i used DHL at a much lower rate. As S.I.P. ceased to use DHL international???? I want to continue using S.I.P.!!!!!! Please help!!!

do you try to contact sip?

Hi Dude !

the reason why we dont ship with DHL in USA is because we got a lot of problems with the delivery

now we use only UPS and it works great.

I can understand that you prefer DHL because of the price, but notice that in the last time 90% of the parcels with DHL dont arrive to the customers in USA.



Hey there 1LMVG,

We stopped using DHL to the United States because the service was just too bad. Lots of parcels went astray and never showed up again as DHL handed over their shipments to USPS. However, we're already trying to negotiate acceptable shipping costs to the States through FedEx and we're really looking forward to offering this shipping method for US customers in the near future. For the time being, though, there is only UPS service possible. Not the cheapest service for sure, but they are really fast and reliable (door to door tracking, standard delivery time to the East coast one week).