Insurance in the UK

Passed the test on my LML 125 a while ago so recently fitted a Pinasco180 kit, 26mm carb and Sito exhaust.

Thought I’d better keep things above board by telling the insurers (Bennetts) and they tell me they can’t insure it any more with these mods.

Tried Carole Nash and was quoted 500+ quid! Anyone else opened a similar can of worms recently and have any useful advice on other more sympathetic insurers?


Hi Effbee

Thanks for the link but what kind of bike do you you run? If it is modified have you declared all of the modifications to the insurer?


I have allways insured my t5 as a 125 not a 172

Hi Gaz

Think I’ll just have to do the same and insure it as a 125. If the insurers increased the premiums by a reasonable amount then OK but they aren’t. From my experience today they either refuse to insure you or triple/quadruple your premium. It’s outrageous.

Rant over. AK

Can’t promise anything, but have just knocked 2/3 off what i was originally quoted. They seem clued up? Worth a look maybe.

If you have a smash on your 172 you do realise that you will end up paying the whole thing out of your pocket as you will be uninsured, you will go to court for being uninsured, and you will find it difficult to get insurance next time?

Just checking [;)]

They have to catch you first though [:)]

I had other problems , trying to insure a new PX150 - all the insurers I tried said it must be either an import or 15 years old !

Because they’re computers said so…

Like the sketch in Little Britain… „Computer says no“

I had the same trying to insure a 78’ 150 super…sorry not on the list.[:drink:]