Installing a new loom

Putting new loom in my ET3

Is it best pulled through from tying it to the headset end or engine end of the old loom. I was gonna tie both looms together with tiny zip ties unless anyone has a better idea.

PS. We should have a „I hate electrics forum“ as this is a common area discontent.

VESPADOCTOR & BEERACE- jelly mould is fully functional and now running a well tweaked engine. Cheers for the tips lads.

mikemuzzer A565 (scootering in an 80’s stylee)

ride it like you stole it mikey baby.respek!!

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

Yes you can use the 6v horn on the 12v system. It even works like a horn not a ducks fart, it does dim the lights a tad but how long will you use the horn post MOT.

easiest way is to tape an old cable out to the forwardmost bit of the loom then drag it out the back can also tape one to the back brake wires and anywhere else it pokes out,then one bit at a time retape each section of the new lo0m to the corresponding cable outer,then,hey presto,drag the cable outers back through the frame and all the wiring bits pull through the right places so youre not trying to wiggle yer fingers round in little holes looking for the much as i fuuuuuukkin hate wiring fitting new looms like this is a doddle

stroud valleys(midnight hour)sc est 1984

Done the loom yesterday (put in a customised px to smallframe 12volt conversion loom) WHAT AN ABSOLUTE BASTARD OF A TASK-I will never attempt that again on a complete scooter with cables ready to snag the bastard at every opportunity.

Thanx for the taping the loom together tip. It worked to a point.

Anyway I’m ready to run with 12 volt lighting system now and wondered if i could still get away with the lovely shell type 6 volt horn currenty on the scoot ?

Ps. no-one got any clues on those scauri sprinter seats yet ?