Installing a mudflap

Hi, I am not too tricky about my vespa … [:roll:]
how do i install a rear mudflap on my vespa?


It’s just like that, drill (make a hole with a machine) and the simply screw the mudflap to the rear, some people fix it under the frame (wheel side) (mudflap B) and others fix it between the frame and the number plate (Mudflap A)

Just click on these shortcuts to see what I mean :

Mudflap A :

Mudflap B :

a pronto amigo,


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Bloody Mods.

Where is the problem?


If it’s got tit’s or tyre’s there’s trouble ahead.

Anyone can get some pictures of installed mudflaps?
It would be great !!! [:rotate:]


Hi avespado,

Can you be more precise, what do you mean by mudflap?

We can’t be precise if you are not, guy

I just want to know what tools are needed, best place to install it, etc. Detailed instructions, please

Chuck it away cut the back end off and the panels down and fit a centre tank. Otherwise you will look like a mod.

It fits just under the licence plate - you’ll need some screws and a bolt or two

wouldn’t bother if i were you - it’ll fall off after a few weeks anyway whilst you’re riding around.

and you’ll look like a mod…

Oeoooooo Anybody? [:look:]

Yeah,just drill into the rear bumper…you Mod.;D

Ok I think I’ll drill it into the rear bumper. I’ll adjust in height with me and my wife on the vespa. That’s all, thanks for solving my doubts.

Keep doing it fine.


what Vespa model do you have?
What size of the monting holes in the mudflap?

Hi again, my vespa is PX200E '99
Mudflap is a piece of rubber, and is usually installed just behind the rear wheel. I bought it here and it has two holes. I think i’ll install it screwed at the plastic just below the licence plate.

Thanxs (forgive my special english )


Hola Avespado!

You can romove the plastic bumper, drill a pair of holes in the chassi, and mount the mudflap direkt to the steelchassi on the inside of the chassi, and then snap the bumper back on. I am not sure, but I believe that the bumper is not flat on the inside so you can place the screws where they do not interfear with the inside of the bumper.
It might look better if you remove the existing mudflap from the bumper.

PS Don’t worry about the mod coments, they just envy you for daring to be different!