Info on this bitubo shock

I am after some info on this particular model of bitubo shocker.

Is it adjustable? Also if it is leaking a little oil, is there anything on it that would be repairable, ie seals or is it pretty much a write off?

I just bought this on ebay for 30 euros reckon it is a good price?

What is the model number of this shocker, I don’t think it is adjustable is it? By the time i pay for a repair kit and the 30 for buying it, it wont be worth the trouble.

Does this look like it has a preload on the spring at all?

Anybody have any idea what these are worth new?

Hi ultraphine,

I did one of theese shocks only two weeks ago. If your up for it and you have some engineering know how it should be easy.
Your need the seal kit Art.-no. 70110000 from SIP or from P.M. TUNING Bitubo part number gr0014.

  1. remove the top nut.
  2. remove the 2 springs
  3. let out the gas pressure by undoing the tyre type valve
  4. undo the end nut using a peg spanner
  5. very carefully remove the piston
  6. pore the oil into a small jar
  7. remove all the seals and replace with the new ones
    8 .put the oil back in plus a little more to allowing for your loss. shock/fork oil can be bought from a motorcycle shop anyware.
    9 .this the hard part getting the shock re-gassed. A car garage did mine using a tyre inflator and a welding bottle. I have been told that it does’nt have to be nitrogen as long as it is an inert gas ie argon, couger co2. Pressure to 8kg / cm2 or 7.84bar or 113psi. Have fun


wanted to help but can’t do better then T5 - 190 !

Hi ultraphine,
this shock has no preload but it can be adjusted by putting in small nylon spacers. SIP sell this kits for 13 euros and there are 3 in each kit part number 70200000. I still think 30 euros is not a bad price, a new one is 83 euros. This shock model is prefferd by most people because it can be repaied and its replacement can not, only by specialist shock companys. Bitubo have seen fit as to take off the valve on the gas canester. As for the model number I think it is 70010 but the repair kits are all the same.