INFO Luggage Carrier

Ciao, ho una Sprint Veloce del '72 e vorrei montare il portapacchi art. 75402200.

la descrizione dice: this version needs no additional drilling work, non capisco come si può montare senza fare i 4 fori necessari per il montaggio.

Bisogna fare i 4 fori?






Ciao Luca !


Ho appena controllato la descrizione:

Luggage Carrier rear,

for Vespa alle Modelle
chrome, bearing area: 18x20cm,
rigid, additional drilling


Another strong “must have“ for all friends of the Sprint-Rally-SS180 models who are looking for an ornate yet useful rear luggage carrier. Designed by 70ties Italia, this version needs no additional drilling work. The silhouette of your scooter’s rear section will stand out even more beautifully instead of being disfigured.

For Vespas with the round shaped frames like VBB1T, GS160 1° you have to drill 2 more holes into it to fix it perfectly.


Non vedo dove ce scritto no additional drilling work .....