Inflation problem with SIP performer tyre



I've ordered and received the SIP Performer tyre, mounted on a tubeless rim (productnumber: 30300000). The quality and look seem fantastic, they are mounted on my PX and look the bussiness. I have one problem though. When going to a petrol station to check the tyre pressure I can't fit the air-machine (what's the word in English?) to the valve on the tyres. I've tried four different stations and I couldn't find one that fits the valve and inflates the tyre. It seems the valve is too short so the small pin inside can't be depressed and no air gets inside. Has anybody else had this problem, and what is the solution? A friend of mine that works in a scootershop said he could replace the valves, but that doesn't seem like a good solution on brand new tyres... I hope someone can help me out here... I've inflated the front wheel with a airpressure cartridge, but that isn't a permanent solution...

SIP really need to look into this issue or people could get stranded with flat tyres. Early batches of the tubeless rims didn't have this issue so I don't know if the valve has been changed for a shorter version at some stage. All you need is a short valve extender. You can get them for less than a pound from a well known online auction site. You just screw it on and then you can get the petrol station inflator to fit ok. The only issue I have with it is that it won't read the air pressure with the extender on, so you need a separate pressure reader with you.

thanks for the info, could you tell me what I have to look for when ordering such a valve extender? don't want to end up ordering a few wrong ones before I get it right. Don't know the forum's policy on referals to other websites, but if that's a problem, send it to me in a private message please. Any information on a pressure meter would be welcome too. (I'm a real noob when it comes to these things.)

Very unsatisfied with SIP for not providing any information with these tyres. As you said, it could leave people stranded with no means to inflate their tyres.