I'm not very happy with new Exhaust from SIP

I ordered a new standard exhaust and some other things from SIP, but I wonder if I should accept this exhaust…

This is a genuine Gilera exhaust, but the build quality is pretty poor. First picture is the label. The other pictures show the flange at the end. This is supposed to have a lip around the inside, around which the gasket sits before it is fitted to the jointpipe.

If you can make it out, the lip in this one is two pieces, each welded in separately. One of them doesn’t even protrude beyond the face of the flange, and therefore serves no useful purpose. I’m also concerned the really messy welding will affect adversely affect the gas flow, although on a standard exhaust this isn’t likely to make too much difference.

The metalwork around the pipe is generally quite rough, and doesn’t seem finished properly, and paint is missing from some areas.

Should I return this exhaust or can I grind out the offending parts?