Im gonny buy A Polini Exhaust...Any Comments

Hi All,

I’m going to buy a Polini exhaust to go with my Polini 177cc kit. I have a sito plus but I feel if I go for the Polini I will get better performance since the Polini company must know how to build a suitable exhaust system to go with their cylinder kit.

Also how often do I check the timing on my PX.



I have got a Polini exhaust on my 177, It´s not what your looking for!! Sito Plus is at least as good as the polini. Buy a more expensive one, they work better, sound better and lasts longer. I´m going to change mine for something much better.

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[:dance3:] Hi there
If I were you I would either stick to the sito or depending on your buget go for a simonini (far better than the polini and about the same price) at the lower end or a PM/Taffspeed on the high price end. As for the timing as far as I know once it is set it should not alter. Hope this helps.[:dance1:]