I'm fed up with SIP

I ordered a seat back for LX125 and manual on 1st Oct On an express delivery ( 2 working days ). I knew that my order would not be processed till Monday 2nd. Come Thursday 5th I could not track my order and sent an e-mail and got a message saying they would send my order next day 6th Oct. I got my order on Monday 9th October and the manual was in German, I did not get my free bottle and it was delivered to my home address but as I was not in it was left with a neighbour. My delivery address was my work. I have send a number of e-mails and nobody will answer me. I think that I should get some answer from someone. Anyone t any ideas? Kevin

free bottles: they are a trouble to UPS. Not because they are dangerous but if a bottle opens and leaks the package the parcel transportatíon machinery may get damaged. So we prefer to send the visor cleaners outside Germany to avoid a problem in a foreign country causing the delivery to get stopped.
If you really like to have the free oil bottle anyway please make a small note in the comment field of the online order and we will try to pack the bottle in a sealed bag.

:o Thats a good point! I didnt get my bottle!

Hello hockles,
sorry first of all for the problems with your delivery.
We always try really hard to send all orders the same day or latest next day. After that it is up to UPS but we can rely on their service in 99% of all cases really very well.
In your case you ordered on a sunday. That´s fine, but we don´t work sunday so best chance was to work on it monday. In that time we had incredible many orders and so your order would have been worked on tuesday. But: tuesday was a national holiday in Germany so we (had to) had closed. This holiday also forced some of our people here to take one or two days off after a long season, another problem for the remaining stuff to work on all orders in time.
Please accept our apologies in this case, usually we can really do better.

One word about emails: we receive between 300 and 800 emails a day, not counted the spam stuff. You can imagine it is impossible to answer each and every email in detail. We try to sort out the really important ones, problems in orders and such stuff. So if you really want to know what´s going up in a quick way we recommend to call us: +49 8191 9699969
Our english is not the best but we will understand each other if we both try to!