Ignition SIP Vape on primavera - not working

Dear all,
I've just bought the SIP vape sport ignition 12V for my primavera. I installed it as described in the instruction, and changed the stop switch, and leaved unconnected the black cable of it (not really "plug and play"). The engine is working, but the light system not, and each time, the bulbs are all "burned" (too high voltage).

Question for SIP: I heard that some Vape regulator had some defects... is it possible that also mine has it? 

Question for community: Any one encountered similar problem on a primavera?

Thanks for all info


I've changed the regulator, but all bulbs (12 V) still burns... 

No one had this issue?

I've also asked some help with the SIP contact form, but no answer over two weeks. It is very strange, it seems that the regulator is not doing its job, but with the second one that I bought I have the same issue!