Idle breakdown on electronic PX help!


my idle speed (when I wait at the red light I mean) is very high or if I want it run low and melow it breaks down. I can’t turn the idle tuning screw further in to keep it at a reasonable stance, I can only hold the gas grip so it doesn’t stop! My PX 125 engine is with electronic ignition. Maybe some part of the ignition is defectuous. Maybe the high tension spool outside the engine must be changed.

My carb has a 140 premix, a BE 5 mixer and a 110 jetter. I am not familiar with the new carb and engine and need some help.
Cylinder is a DR 177 which worked well but not at full power on a 2 transfer GTR.

If you have a better idea about the idle???


pop down to the classic section you will get a reply down thier!
but it could be your drive side oil seal or just the choke stuck open slitley, check the gear box oil and see if it smells of petrol a sure sign of a blown oil seal,
good luck;D