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Does anybody knows what type of Vespa this is?

Please click on the links to see the pictures.


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Hi Mikkke!
It appears to be a 1964-1968 Vespa 180 Super Sport.
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Thanks a lot

Brakepedal is not SS either/ L


Either the trim is missing or it’s a 150 Sprint.

Those are not SS fork’s.[:look:]

I tought it was a SS180 but I am not sure.

Here in Belgium, someone says it’s a spanish Motovespa 150S or 160GT, the guy knows a lot about Vespa but I want to be sure about it.

HI from Spain[:bounce:]

I am not sure if this is a Motovespa, but a clue could be this mudflap on the front wheel with an E ( from España ???).

In Spain, in these times all the vespas were produced locally and there are many differences between the spanish and the italians.

I am not an expert in 150 and 160 GT, so, I can not tell you, anyway, I leave you some links with 150 and 160 Motovespas actually on sale

check this site out. it's in spanish but if you click Modelos de Moto in the left hand column it will give you a list of Spanish produced vespas and chassis numbers or engine numbers, can't remember which.