Ideal Pipe?

Looking for some suggestions on the idea pipe for my kit.
I will be running a Pinasco 215 with a standard crank and a Worb5 head apart from Jetting everything else is stock.
From the type of kit you can tell I am not after a high reving screamer. I like longish weekend runs (200-400Kilometers) and try to ride at the speed limit 110KPH (that is by the GPS not that thing Piaggio laughingly call a speedo) I also weigh around 100Kilos.

What I want is in a pipe in order of importance:

Good strong Torque

Decent usable broad power band at reasonable revs (4000-6000)

Long lasting

Keep the spare wheel if possible

Price, anywhere up to $300 USD or about the cost of the Pinasco

I sort of guess that I am looking at the SIP/JL/RZ/EM range rather than the Pinasco/Polini end of the market.

Any Ideas on what is best for what I am after or is there something else on the market that I have not considered?



This is ancient and a few aren’t available anymore but it gives a decent idea on some pipes.

I thought about the ScootRS pipe, but the dyno result shows the powerband a little too high in the rev range and not as broad or usable as say the RZ EVo pipe.



I used to have a scorpion on my 210 but it didnt kick in until 5000 revs, it took a couple of miles to warm up, looked good but not nice to ride round town. I swapped it for a taffspeed…fantasic, pulls from 3000 revs and have so far topped 8200 on a T5 4th gear. With a 60mm maz cut crank I can poull away in fourth from 30mph without the need to drop to third. Hope it helps.

You could look at the Dominator but I’m not sure if it takes a spare wheel easily.Ask Simon,he pops in here from time to time although I haven’t seen him for a while.

Hi there. What about a Scootrs pipe? Heaps cheaper than anything else but just as good.