I need to clear up some info i got on the pinasco kit

I have a 213 pinasco kit. I was told that the kit comes with the wrong head. The head has too big of a squish... I was told that having a larger squish like the stock pinasco has, will cause the cylinder to heat up alot faster then it would if it had a ideal squish of 1mm or 1.5 when using a performance expansion chamber exhaust.


Now someone else that has been working on vespas for years told me that the pinasco kit is better for touring because the squish is 3mm and allows for less compression and less heat. So as you can see i am confused about this. Can anyone please help me understand ounce and for all what is what? Will the stock pinasco head make the cylinder heat up faster with a performance pipe like a JL? thanks

Hi dude


What crank and what gaskets do you use ?