I need some help!

I am a scootermaniac from Norway, and im in desperatly need of some good advices. I have a PX 200 with Polini tuningkit, racing crankshaft and a Sito plus.In the beginning the scooter goes about 130 km/h,but now i can hardly reach 115 km/h.Maybe i need a new piston ring? I will also have wide tyres 120/70-10 in front and 130/70-10 rear with rims in crome. What do i have to do? I will also change the ekshaust to something new, but i dont know what.Would the „membran ansaugstutzen“ work good with my crankshaft? Please help me!
Happy new year to all of you scooterists!

hi stormbringer,i am also having problems, but with an early p200.
i have fit a malossi 210 kit,a race crank, lightened flywheel,
and now a simonini sports exhaust.also wide tyre kit 130/70-10 rear
and a 100/90-10 tyre on front.
acceleration is great 0-110 km/h but then it is flat out.this is with a standard carb and clutch also down geared for the wide tyre.this happens to be the worst gear ratio at top end.i am going to change the primary gear ratio to the polini gear kit and add a 30mm carb also fitting a 4 plate race clutch for better drive .i have tried everythingto get more out of it but eventually worked out the gear ratio and found it to be the worst condition for what i wanted.i will keep you informed of how i go on with these changes. i would look at your clutch to check it is,nt burnt out[:rotate:]

Deffo stick on a 30mm carb, possible T5 gearing,personal choice really,some people prefer Malossi some Pinasco.