I need a wiring Harness

My wiring harness is shot. I need a new one - repairing the old one is not an option because it’s a bastardized harness to begin with.

Here’s my dilema:

I have a 64 VBB with a P200 engine.

I have a NON-Battery Stator.

I do not WANT to run a battery.

I have the following REAR brake switch: http://www.scomo.net/product_info.php/cPath/50_238_243/products_id/3680

I am running a VBB SIDE-kill switch on the bars.

Should I get a VBB Harness? Should I get THIS harness (which was recommended http://www.sip-scootershop.com/pages/index.php?ID=13933&_requested_page=%2Fpages%2Fdetails.php

The problem with that harness is that it is for ELECTRIC START. I do not WANT electric start.

e-mail at MSGarrett at gmail dot com

What do I do with the wires for electric start? Just not use them?

I’m pretty wiring stupid but I can figure things out with a diagram. DOes the harness come with a diagram?

Do I need a different handlebar switch other than the one I have which is the original switch with the side-kill button?


Yep, this is the one you need. Can be used with the break switch

sorry it`s the false discription. It should be

Wiring harness Sprint/Rally/
for conversion electronic ign. (12V)
without battery/indicator

Sorry this was a translating mistake!