I may buy this p200 engine..What do you think?

Hi All,

Can you take a look and see if this looks good, are the missing parts easy enough to replace.




with regard to the b-race dominator, if you read the latest scootering there is a write up about beerace and the new taffspeed pipe. if theyre happy with his pipes theyre good enough for us lot


Is this a top set up? would you change anything…

Upgrading to p200 would allow me to purchase 1 of your great exhausts.



id scrap the delorto 30mm and fit a keihin pwk 28/30 oval bore far superior, fully port the barrel and piston and fit a reed block and the b-race dominator other than that jobs a goodun

yeah buy it, i’ll have it if you dont want it

Engine looks good but that is a hp4 flywheel not pk