I cant finish my order


I've got a problem. I cant finish my order. Sip send me a letter saying: "Dear Andriy, thanks again for your order dated 21.06.2012. 

For that order we made a reservation on your PayPal account with 153,17EUR. From previous orders we have added backorder items to ship all parts together - you will safe on shipping.

See attached order confirmation for details. 

Please authorize the remaining amount of 155,93EUR in your PayPal account now. As soon as money has arrived here we will ship your order. Please authorize your payment within 7 days, otherwise we would cancel your order."

But the problem is I made only one order (153,17EUR), and I don't understand why do I have to "authorize the remaining amount of 155,93EUR" ? Maybe anybody had similar problem?






reservations are not payments!


May the shipping costs do vary or an artikel from backorder was added- as you can read in our mail-


This needs a new cpl. RESERVATION - trust us! - we charge only what we have shipped!