I can't find a replacement stator anywhere that looks like this!


I have a small frame Vespa - I have no idea what it is. I have tried searching the frame number in every search I can think of but it doesn't seem to exist.

I think someone put it together cause the rear tail light is from a modern pk50 style scooter but the headlight and speedometer are the same as those on the VBA and VBB!

I have managed to find parts so far but I need a new stator, or stator parts but the photo of the stator that is fitted to my scooter doesn't match any photos of those for sale on SIP or other sites I have looked on.

I don't mind rebuilding the stator with the parts - if I can get the individual coils, contact and condenser I will do so!


Please help if you can :D



engine number should be at the rear end of the engine on the flat surface above/next to  the fill level plug marked "olio"

the frame number should be visible on the frame at the right side when you remove the engine cover "it may be invsible if the bike has been painted" 

Hello , this looks like an spanish Femsa contact type stator.

Here i n Spain is possible find some spares, like contacts or coils, but i recommend to change it for an electronic ducati type small cone (19MM) and forgot about problems.

If you do this,will need change the brake light switch and conexion,