Hydraulic Disc brake


Disc brake GRIMECA PX/PE
Classic, with master cylinder
Axle Ø=16mm

Art.-No. 30000000

I want to know if this kit is complete (plug and play) or if I have to order extra-parts to fit it.

Is it good quality? What thinks the guys who fit it and why?

Thanks a lot, cheers,



I'm fine my French mate,hope all is well with you.


Either system will be fine Mikkke,the full hydralic systems are exactley the same for all intents and purposes,even the LML version.


Obviously with a full version you need the M/C at the handle bar.I seem to remember there was a bracket available to bolt onto a standard headset but I could be imagining things,my memory isn't terribly good.

As an alternative then buy a disc headset bottom and master cylinder or if your capable your self or have a friend who is then use a master cylinder from a Yamaha/Suzuki etc and graft them onto your headset.


Adrian Newnham who visits here is really the expert on this,hopefully he'll pop in and guide you through it better than I can.




It's a complete kit from what I can see.


I don't personally have one but I have a friend who has a 16mm and the 20mm version fitted onto differant bikes.As you can imagine it gives greater braking ability than a drum set up but is vastly inferior than a fully hydralic system.


Basically if you want to fit it for cosmetic reasons,or to keep an early P near origional,then fine but it'll always be second best.

Hi Mikke, The grimeca kit is good, it must be as they supply the disc parts Vespa, and LML, use as standard. It's true the semi-hydraulic master cylinder is a weak point, I've seen some people that love em, and plenty that don't. I have heard of a few bad ones that don't work well, must've been a bad batch made.

What scooter do you have? If it's a PX then the easy way is to get the PX disc headset and just swap it over with yours.

Personally I think the PX master cylinder is too small, I don't like it.

I have been working on a full hydraulic system which uses the original throttle pulley and keeps things looking fairly standard.

If you want it to be sporty, then I'd recommend getting a quick action throttle tube, you can bolt a motorbike master cylinder to it and use a qa throttle.

I use 12.5mm bore Suzuki, and Yamaha master cylinders, I have found these to give an improved brake over the Vespa 11mm bore cylinder.

If you have a lathe you can turn your own throttle tube, I use 1 inch (25.4mm) H30 aluminium tube with a 1/2 inch bore (12.5mm).

Take a piece the length you want (measure your vespa's throttle tube and add a little to allow room for the master cylinder, and qa throttle, I generally add 1 - 2 inches (25.4 - 50.8mm ).

Turn it down to 15/16ths (24mm for a length, enough to fit in the headset), mark where it leaves the headset and turn the rest of the tube down to 7/8ths (22mm to fit the master cylinder, and qa throttle). Fit it in the headset and drill & tap the headset, and tube, somewhere so you fix the new tube in place.

Cut the lever pivot off the headset to make a space to fit the master into and fill the holes in the headset casting with weld, or liquid metal/filler (whatever you want, it's only to tidy the look of it).

I can send you some pics of a conversion I did to a Mk1 T5 headset, or look on Scooterboyworld, its there somewhere, or look for the thread with my LML thumb throttle conversion on here.



Thanks a lot friend, nice job!


Hi Juank, are you fine??

I really want to use it to enhance my braking at first, what is the best this kit or to fit a PX98 or MY fork and brake.

And what about this Grimeca with the full hydraulic conversion kit?

Ok thanks a lot mate, I’ll check all these, you can send me pics it’s a good way to understand more, is it true that with the original fork and disk brake of the newer PX, the Vespa looks a bit like a chopper as the fork is higher?



Try that Mikke, should give an idea. Ade