Hydraulic disc brake on a Rally 200?

Hi everyone,

I live in Los Angeles, California and have a Rally 200. I would like to convert my front brake to a hydraulic disc brake. I like the idea of keeping my headset original looking and saw that SIP makes an „oldtimer“ master cylinder kit. I have no experience in hydraulics and was wondering what disc brakes this unit would be compatible with. I found another company called http://www.worb5.de/ and they convert rally and sprint forks to disc brakes. Does anyone have any information about this company?

Thanks in advanced,


What`s up Chris,

Im in the process of converting my 79 P200E to full hydraulic in the front. Apperently the „oldtimer“ master cylinder kit is no longer available from SIP. I didnt want to make serious modifications to the old steerer so I opted to buy the lower half of of a 98 PX Disc steerer. Besides having to repaint it, everything should bolt together.

Theres a guy in Monrovia CA (San Gabrial Valley) that says he can mount a master cylinder to anything. I`m not to sure about this, as I have never met him in person.

Ive never heard of worb5, but its good to know.

We also organize a small scooter ride here in Pasadena every other week. We`ve had as little as 5 and as many as 17 scoots show up. For more info contact [email protected] or [email protected]. Mark knows that guy who might be able to help you with the disc brake. The next ride is on March 2.

See ya, Curtis[:smokin:]