Hydraulic clutch

does anyboddy know wether you are ment to fit the wire clip on the preassure plate when fitting a hyraulic clutch conversion

never done one before and would like some advise


cheers for that ill order them when i next make a order.

how do you find the hydraulic clutch ive herd differenty thing about them, some good some bad

cheers Dan

Hi chaps new to this forum but have been reading it from the start. I have a T5 with a hydraulic clutch for 5 years now.There was no wire clip in the box but have found that the wire clip from the PK 125 XL is the one you need as the bearing plate is what the hydraulic one is based on. Hope this is of help. SIP part number to follow.

I am assuming that you are talking Vespa P-range.

I imagine the you should always use the clip, no matter what.

However, I would suggest you get your hands on one of the SIP conversion pressure plates that run a bearing instead.


Hi Dan, i’ve been using this type off clutch in two of my T5’s since they first came on to the scene some five years ago. what it gives you is a better feel for the clutch and the abillity to put much bigger and stronger springs in with little or no more effort than week standard ones. As for bad comments I havent heard any,unless anybody has any ?

you get a bearing preasure plate with the clutch but not sure weather you use the clip in these

Hi Dan SIP number 14458000 or 14457000 its one or the other at 86p each buy both and try.