Hub Nut & Sheared hub studs

Hi, I currently ride a T5 classic.

Can anyone out there tell me how tight should the hub nuts be, before fitting the split pin.

Also, on returning from Isle of Man scooter rally, My wife and I had a lucky escape, when the rear wheel sheared through the hub studs, fortunately I had just changed to into second gear, therefore was not travelling too fast. Any ideas what could cause this & how do I avoid in the future.



Make sure the wheel nuts are done up tight the torque is 14.5 to 19.5 lbf-ft i just make sure they are tight only use torque wrench if you are fussy Gary

If it’s a pattern hub then I don’t think you will get it out at all, I never have anyway. I suffered loose nuts last year returning from IOW, luckily I made it home without incident but noticed next day that the rim had actually snapped around 1 nut and 2 more had eaten into the rim leaving the remainig 2 nuts holding 18stone of rider and a full compliment of camping gear and clothing. I only noticed as I heard a creaking from the rear wheel as I wheeled the scoot out next day. F*****g lucky methinks. Get a new hub and check your nuts regularly.

the haynes manual says front 54.2lbf-ft to 65.0lbf-ft
rear 65 lbf to 79.5 ibf ft page 117 in haynes manual
hope this helps.My mate had his hub studs go the same problem was the wheel nuts where not tight so the wheel can cut into the studs

Thanks for all your thoughts.

I think maybe the wife as pillian & enough luggage to last a fortnight can’t have helped. For the future, She’ll have to get used to one T Shirt & a pair of jeans.

Anyway hope raising this, has got many other scooterists thinking about the condition of their hub studs, and may just prevent someone from going through that unerving experience of wheel wobble then your on your arse.

Safe scootering to you all



Hi had to remove and replace 2 studs to night what i done i cut the stud as close to the hub as i could then drill right the way through the stud with a 9/32 drill bit then tap it out with 8mm tap then fit a new stud with some stud lock hope this helps Gary[:drink:]

Also happened to me on way back from Colwyn Rally some years ago…on a Lammy, but same problem.

I put it down to riding arround the campsite 2 up over ditches & stuff…ovalled the holes in the rim slightly (or the studs)…then 40 miles down the road (full throttle 4th) wobble wobble ops there goes the hub and I was eathing cow pats and hedgerow wildlife (fortunatly rather than tarmac).

Mate with 50lb beer-gut wife with 50lb make-up bag = same thing if you rode of a kerb 2up or somthing.

(I swithched to Vespas for a few years after that!!, But have now bought another Lammy)

Check both the rim and hub nuts regularly, I also had to go to Quick-Fit for an emergancy loose rear hub once…getting that off after the pneumatic wrench treatment was a complete tvvat I tell ya…

Glad yer OK…ride safe!

I’m trying to get a sheared stud out of a hub…any ideas?[:rolleyes:]

[:smile:] I agree with Scootraider, you really should check your nuts regularly, personally I check mine at least 3 times a day, and I check my scooter over once in a while too![:drink:]

Trouble is, its the original front hub for a GL150, so quite hard to find a replacement(?)