HP4 timing setup

When I timed my et3 with standard flywheel it was a pretty straightforward procedure with a tdc guage and some new markings on the casing. Whats the correct way to set up the timing on the hp4 flywheel. I noticed a small arrow on one of the plastic fins , is this the firing point.? is a strobe essential ?

Its a pk hp4 and has 2 notches in it for mounting on the crank, one with a black line drawn next to it which i assume is marked for a s/f engine.

Anyone know the website that gives this procedure for hp4 timing.

cheers for the info curare

I had a hp4 on me p200 so i am aware of the benefits and pitfalls of using this fan.

I am going to run 136 malossi , race crank , zirri short 4th , 25 mil phb and zirri silent pipe. I am still undecided whether to go for a reed valve set up as yet, only time and money will deide that for me.



yes the small arrow on one of the plastic fins is the firing point that you will use with the strobo to line it up with the static reference line. Yes srobo is essential if you want to set the time correctly… and it is fast and easy.

About the two notches in it : the one with the black line drawn next to it is not for a s/f engine but for PX.



if you can get a spare plastic fin since they could break. It is not expensive and if it happens you could replace it with no waiting time. HP4 will make your engine rev higher so a little more warm, check well the timing and consider the option of retarding it of 1 degree to help overrev. Try and see. The choice of course it is up to you and will depend on your engine set up.[H]