Hp4 on smallframe

ok guys , here is the quandry,

HP4 has two woodruff keyways. One is clockwise to the timing mark on the plastic fan and the other is anticlockwise to the mark. In other words one is to left of the mark and one is to the right.

Which key way should be used ?

Once i know this, I can mark up the top dead centre etc and start some strobing.

cheers. [:drink:]

If you look on the inside of the flywheel you will see several square magnets.

In between two of these will be two thinner magnets which overlap to form an ‚S‘ shape, these are the trigger magnets.

When these pass over the pick up on the stator a spark is produced, if you mark the position of the trigger magnets on the outside of the flywheel with a marker pen then turn your engine over to TDC and offer the flywheel up it should be clear which slot to use.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Stringy[:drink:]

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