HP4 on ET3 casings

Ok I know I’ll need a pk crank and stator but my question is will the stator be a straight fit onto my existing casings.

thanks anyway a friend has an electric start pk so when he comes off holiday ill compare the two before buying one

I want to do the pkxl 24mm crank, conversion bearing n oil seal and use an hp4, just not sure about casing compatability

PK stators and flywheels fit straight on, PX stators need a bit of fettlin’ to fit, and never tried a PX flywheel but dont think they will, (too heavy anyway). With the PKXL crank an HP4 flywheel goes straight on no probs.

BEERACE how hard is it to fit a pkelectric start flywheel to a px200
because this should be lighter and still keep the electric start as am getting a bit soft in my old age

Darren, I dont know is honest answer. Reason for ignorance is I dont know the diameters of the ring gear fitted to each. Ive never kept the electric start, so I junk the ring gear to gain a lighter flywheel, and use dc supply stators and regulators for l.c. conversions. It will be possible, if they are different diameters, to modify to make something fit. On the rare occasions ive seen/ handled the eles/start flywheel, ive noticed how light they are so how much gain there is i dont know. Sorry i cant help more. Amongst other things ive smashed up both my feet, and broken my back (not at the same time, that would be really unlucky, eh Ade.) But i still expect to kick my scoots into life.

We’d all like to know when you do. Cheers

there are two sizes of taper on flywheel 24mm and 19mm a et3 are 19mm i think. you need a stator and crank off a 50,80 or 100 pk and check you can get the same size lighten flywheel

ive rebuilt a 50 special engine as a 125 with electronic stator with no problems using the exsiting casings so they do fit [:smokin:]