HP4 Flywheel - T5 Classic

Hello good scooterists of the world!

Does anyone have any experience of fitting one of these HP4 flywheels to a Vespa T5 classic?  I am not sure if the flywheel end of the crank is same for a T5 as for a regular PX125/200.  Any advice or confirmation that the HP4 will fit my T5 would be very helpful, thanks and merry christmas!

i have one on my t5 motor!

Good to see a head from the VCI on here,have to say,SIP can’t fault them

T5 flywheel has a bigger taper!!

so no, they don't fit! [:O] not sure how you can fit them, as a few people state they fit? unless they have px engines

I use T5 fly wheels on p2/px but have to remove the center boss on the  T5 flywheel and replace with p2/px

very much agree with slingdog. cheers!

The HP4 fits allright without modifications? It’s the same hp4 to px125/px200?