Hp4 flywheel back in stock!

Finally! On friday, 19/08/2005 we will receive a delivery of HP4 flywheels after more than 6 months of waiting.
You can preorder them now if you want to make sure to receive yours before they are sold out again:

Flywheel HP4 for Vespa PX/T5

yup hotrod al makes some great shit. he does velocity stacks for any carb- and is a great machinist. he does much more than whats ob his site- give hin a call

Hot Rod Al.

Personally it would be the first thing I binned along with the auto-lube but someone else may have been intrested.

Does the HP4 fit onto a 1974 150 super with points? Do they make a lightened flywheel for this model?



This flywheel dosn’t fit. Wouldn’t recommend stuff like this for 150 super engines as the gearbox and clutch will struggle to handle it. If you want better performance a px engine fits in without too much trouble

Thank you juank [;)]

General use, ? since when did our scoots ever get subjected to „general use“. I’m sick of buying silicon implants for my scoot,
due to the fact I constantly rag the tits off it. !

;D ;D ;D

If anyone is intrested,Hot Rod Al in America is working on an adaptor plate and a starter ring to fit to these so they can be used with 'leccy starts.

This should also cure the HP4 problem of being too light for general road use.

why would you wanna use the leccy start on a tuned scoot anyway…bit girly if you ask me…nothing like jumping on the kickstart like your trying to start a 64 triumph thunderbird…well thats what i have to do to start mine.

To juank ,you got a website of these guys? (hot rod al )

Thinking about it, would a P2 electric motor have the power to turn over a tuned engine?

And you could use the starter button to prime the Nitrous!;D