How to tune a PK 50 XL 1987?

I have a newly restored PK 50 XL 1987 that I want to tune with a
polini/malossi 115 cc, however, I need some help to find the appropriate parts
for the job as I am new to this. For instance:

- Do I need a new clutch? And which do I need to buy?
- Which exhaust system should I buy? Sito+.. kinda wanna keep the
Vespa "sound"..
- Which gear system is best suited along with the 102 cc?

Basically I need a parts list for this setup. Hope somebody can help me:-)


Henrik from Oslo


for example you could buy:

-115cc Polini or Malossi

-Mazzucchelli racing crankshaft

-PHBL 24 carb with its proper manifold

-4-plates clutch with reinforced spring (Malossi is best)

-Exhaust..Sito Plus or Polini "banana" or other

-24/72 or 22/63 primary gearing (the first is best in my opinion)

Sorry for my bad english, i'm italian...



Thank you very much for your help:-)