How to separate the fork from the mud guard- Vespa GL150 (VGLB) from 1962

hello there

I am tearing my Vespa apart for restoration. I have removed the bolts which hold the mud guard to the fork but the hole in the mud guard seems to be too small for the fork to be pulled down-and-out of the mud guard. It seems like the bearing race is too big - but I cannot figure out ways of getting the bearing race off without cutting it wit an angle grinder (and I would like to keep the bearing race, as it seems in OK conditions).

I hope that some one in the forum can give me the magic words - and preferably with some good pictures, if the operation is tricky :-)



Hello Jan,

there we would offer you following book:

First you`ve to remove the lower steering head bearing. After that you can remove your mudguard.


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