How to install Parmakit RACE 75043110 i got the wrong manual in the box :-(

I can't seem to find the right information. If I download the pdf from "information", then it's the one for vespatronic.

And it just doesn't have the same parts?


Then manual i got in the box is for 75043100


Can anyone help me so i can get the cirquit right with the CDI-unit and all!?


And can anyone tell me how to set the dip-switches on the backside of it?


i was bought this parma race... in the first time it's hard to find the timing because it did not just like the manuals say... but now i've got the perfect timing for my Malossi 166...

the badly things is the CDI gotten overheat quickly..

I have tue same problen, What do Sipscootershop say???

didn't anyone buy this product?