How to hook up PHBG carb

I just received this ( dellorto carb kit, and I can't get the oil to flow from the pump to the carb.  I have bled the pump and it is pumping when not connected to the carb.  When I connect it to the carb, the vacuum causes air to be drawn into the oil line.  I don't know where the air is coming from.  Am I connecting the hose to the right spot? Can anyone tell me specifically what the two connections on top of the outlet side are?

It is going on an older yamaha jog by the way.

Just in case anyone was reading this, the problem turned out to be a tiny cut in the oil line which was letting air into the system.

Thanks for the update. I'm hooking up the same Carb on a 2005 Zuma here in the USA.


I just discovered your forum and I'm going to fish around for some good modding advice.