How to change the clutch outer cable

hi everybody,

there are snags in my clutch outer cable and I think I need to change it. I don`t want to go to service for this so I want to do it myself. Can anyone explain me step by step how to do this?? My english is not very good so please explain it in a simple way.

other question is there is some black oil coming from where the exhaust bolts to cylinder as shown in picture. It seems to be from the cylinder not the exhaust. Is this a trouble or just a normal thing.

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thanks ralf
Ive already did it. But I think I disconnected some of the electrical wires while pulling. Because my brake light is not working at the moment and I dont know how to connect it…disconnection is not from the tail light end because it is in place. I don`t know how to reach the other end…I can see the disconnected tip from the hole where the clutch cable comes out under the chassis.
please help…
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hi Gokce i have a px200 and have oil around the head and exaust i cant find the problem . i think it maybe just oily fumes blowing from the exaust where it conects to the stump pipe. the bike runs fine so it cant be to bad . cheers gman[:rotate:] [:rotate:]

Thanks everybody,
I did connect the brake light cable at the end [:rotate:]
also Ive seen that some other people having the same black sticky oil coming from the exhaust in this forum so glad to hear its not important…again thanks everybody [:bounce:] [:bounce:] [:bounce:]


Hi Gokce,

the best idea in my opinion is as follows:
use wood-bolts (in Germany they are called „Spax“, with the very sharp thread). Cut away the head of the bolt.
Screw it half in the old outer cable and the other half in the new one. Make sure to remove the inner cable before.
Now both outer cables are connected tight. This way you can now pull through your chassis both, new and old outer cable!

Try again with your picture!

Cheers, Ralf ![:)]

Hi Gokce
loosen off your rear brake cable then drop the rear brake pedal you should then be able to retrieve the disconnected wire reconnect it to the rear brake pedal switchreplace pedal & retighten your brake cable
Cheers Spot[:D]