How to change a DellOrto PHVA 12 carburetor on a Morini motor

If this a stupid question, I apologise immediately. The carb on my Velocifero is busted (fucked is probably the right word) and I will order a new one from SIP of course [:)]  How do I detach the accelerator wire from the old carb, and attach it to the new carb ? 

The wire goes into the carb and seems attached permanently to it. Obviously it is not, so what am I missing here?


Looking forward to hear from folkes a lot more clever than me [:$]


In the meantime, ride it like you stole it !

Paul from Denmark


Continueing my stupid questioning...can a Dell'Orto PHVA 12 carb for a Minarelli motor be used on a Morini motor?





Yeah, complex, but got it to work !! I pushed the cable forward and then turned it in the throttle slide and voila !! Many thanks Sebastian ! 


To remove the cable you must open the carburetor on the top and then you can take out the throttle slide. And there is the cable fixed. You can see this on the picture. It is number 1 where the cable is fixed. It is very complex to explain. Please let me know if you understand what I mean.


Cheers, Sebastian