How low can you go

set up is 210 malossi, opened ports, 26mm carb, timing set at 18, T5 4th gear and a scorpion pipe. the kit came with a 130 main jet but it's to big so i have gone down to a 125 which is a lot better but will not put pull very well in 4th, so can i go down as far as 122? and what size air jet to go for.



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Readspeed dyno at 20.1 @ 6360 revs and will rev up around 9000 so about 24.1bhp, very happy with that.



you say it doesn't pull very well in 4th, but how it goes in 2nd and 3rd when rev high?

gone with 28mm reed carb kit, lightend standard flywheel, crank cut, all ports matched and now it go’s like f**k, it’s going to readspeed for a full set up next week maybe i’ll let you of the bhp it pushes out

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now thinking of a Malossi reed kit, will it give me more torque to put better in 4th? or how about a HP4 flywheel and a race crank, or all 3 but do you a standard crank with a reed kit?????????



i tryed a 130 main jet, it was to big all it did was flood the motor!

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It pulls well in 2nd and 3rd, i have taked off the ring on the flywheel which has helped a bit, just got 350k on the clock now and it’s pulling a little bit better but i think where’s more to come


If you are going all the way[:D] get the reed/carb, but you will need to open the inlet, to suit the reed block, which means you can not go back to a normal induction, as you completly remove the inlet seal (look at  pictures to see how its done!)

but if not just use the 28/30mm del with normal manifold, which set up right, will work well enough, untill you want to reed!but remeber you lose the autolube, and you have to be carful about the fuel in the tank, as if it goes too low(almost run out) it will be lower than the carb float, causeing starvation,not a problem(unless always running out!), but better to know before mister sieze comes to town!

crank: full circle for reed and kit, cut crank just for kit!

Have you matched the ports to the cylinder? this helps!

Hp4 is good[:D] but timing must be checked with a strobe,and will also give your clutch/gears a hard time, as you have less wieght to slow the engine, between changing gears.and tick over will need to be higher,and your lights will not be as good, as less voltage is produced! but worth it!