How good is a simonini?

I’ve just had a look through some old messages and read someone slating the polini exhaust. I’ve just ordered a simonini for my px166 on the ‚good performance for money‘, ‚revy and good for malossi kits‘ recomendations from people. however I have also heard people slate them. can people please just give me thier opinion of simonini’s???

yeah, I got one, it’s lovely, great bit of punch, the front wheel somtimes comes up… but I realy know what you mean about the top end, the loevinci I had on it used to rev like hell, it’d be nothing special until 2/3rds through the rev range then just go until it rev out, it did at least 75mph and pull really hard all the way to 70+, with the simonini it runs out of beans at 65 and crawls to 70+.

Alright Ozzy hows it goin , as you know i had a simonini on my 172 and it pulled like a train , even two’s up it was good but unfortunatly you cant have everything - there not very good top end .
If you want around town performance there shit hot but youll feel it pulling back top end.

Im not sure if it would fit , but if you were to fit a cosa clutch it would up gear your top end.
This would work with the likes of a simonini because of its bottom end power but if you fitted a pipe like a PM you would more than likely struggle on hills and head winds.
Welcome to the world of choosing an exhaust that does everything !!! Goodluck.


I was told that a PM and Scorpion pipe on a px125 with just a cylinder kit on it would not provide enough power therefore 1 of these pipes would be no good also are you talking top speed or cruising speed.



GReetings ,
I have tried a second hand simomini but it was all clog up, so did not see the potential of the pipe , I tried sito plus ,good bottom end torque but lack in top end , now I am using a sip special also 2nd hand , had it de-carbonize , now I am doing 125 kph, yup it also do the wheelie a bit on second gear

Greetings ,
My 125 kph is my top speed yes it is fitted to a pinasco kit feed by a 30mm delorto carb on reed valve , it really pull on second and third gear.
cheers everyone

what ever you do don’t fit a sipe performance pipe to any scoot,kitted or not!!!
read previous entries on the board.
look good,sound ok-but do bugger all for top end.
pay another 35 quid and get a taffy pipe-wish i had
as with simonini and leovinci pipes-as with anything u get what u pay for.i mean would u fit s1 tyres to your scoot or sava’s???

you pay your money and you take your choice-get a taffy
good luck[:smokin:] [:smokin:] [:smokin:]