How exactly does this board work?


A question to the admin: I posted two queries to you via the BB links in the catalogue (one on the Sebac PX shock, one on the Grimeca master cylinder holder) and no reply. How/where should a question on your catalogue parts be posted?

I will repeat the questions here:

  • When will the Sebac PX front shock and Sebac front/rear PX shock kit be in stock? I want to understand how long I would have to wait if I order it

  • Can you post a photo showing one of the master cylinder holder (part number 56377500) on the handlebars of a PX (or similar)? I would like to go for a Grimeca disc kit but I want it all hydraulic and I want to see how that brackets sits. You cannot really tell from the photo of the bracket alone.


On this billboard Scooterists answer, and ask questions. SIP rarely answer. As your question is regarding a PX, you should place it on the ”VESPA CLASSIC BOARD”. With a bit of luck, someone who have had the same problem, and solved it, will answer.

Good luck

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