How do i get anyone at SIP to reply to my emails? (Rolf!)

It seems like i go down this road everything with SIP. I place an order, but then have a question. I then go to their "contacts" tab, then use thier email service to send an email. Each time i recieve an automatide email back to me saying SIP will respond within 2-3 days.  Not a chance, that never happens. I can't get a response at all.

The question i have is, if i have placed an order, how do i add to it?

Hello Jonathan,

Normally emails that you write through our online contact formular are managed by my colleague and he's responding asap (which is not easy with all those mails we receive every week). If you have placed an order, adding items to it will only work in rare cases where we haven't yet started to process the order. My recommendation is to either call us at our English hotline +49 8191 96 999 69 or send me an email at [email protected]